Ludacris, now a restaurateur. (FRED PROUSER/REUTERS)

The rapper will open a restaurant named Chicken & Beer at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, he announced Tuesday on Twitter. The eatery’s name also happens to have the same title as Ludacris’s third album, which features some of the dirtiest songs of all time. (Does this mean he’ll also name some menu items after “Splash Waterfalls?” Because I might feel uncomfortable ordering an “Oh! Oh! Oh! Say It” Platter.)

Ludacris said the restaurant will open in Concourse D, which is already home to several fast food joints, including a Burger King/Cinnabon, Blimpie Express and Chili’s To Go.

The rapper, who has also starred in the films “Fast Five” and “No Strings Attached,” would also like you to know, “WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE BUSIEST AIRPORT ON THE PLANET!! THIS IS HISTORY!! #chickenandbeer.” Indeed, the airport was America’s busiest in 2010, according to the FAA.

This is not Ludacris’s first time as a restaurateur. The rapper opened Straits, an Asian fusion restaurant in Atlanta, four years ago, but will close the eatery to focus on his airport venture. No opening date for Chicken & Beer has been set, but Ludacris tweeted its “coming soon.”

There’s really only one question left: Chicken & Beer, or Wahlburgers?