Mariah Carey, who kept her pregnancy private for a few months before confirming that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting twins, is not being so private anymore.

The singer can currenly be seen in all her naked and pregnant pride on the current issue of Life & Style magazine.

(Life & Style)

The pregnant magazine cover has become something of a tradition for famous moms to be. Carey is hardly the first woman to venture into this territory — Demi Moore did it first for Vanity Fair back in 1991 while Britney Spears followed (birthday) suit on the cover of Bazaar in 2006. So which one wound up with the classiest cover? Go to the jump to see the previous images and to vote in a poll that demonstrates why online democracy is so crucial to a free society in which assessing pregnant celeb photos is our constitutional right.

Here’s that Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover and the aforementioned pic of Britney Spears, when she was awaiting the birth of her second son, Jayden

(Post file photo)

(Harper’s Bazaar via Popsugar)

So which one is classiest? I’m inclined to vote for Demi Moore because she’s a pioneer in this field. But I’ll let you make the call.