Ashley Olsen, left, and Mary-Kate Olsen. (By Peter Kramer/Associated Press)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, child stars of TV sitcom “Full House” and adult stars of New York’s fashion industry, turn 25 today, marking a definitive moment in the lives of many ’80s babies who have grown up with the big-eyed twins.

Though best known as baby-faced Michelle Tanner in “Full House,” the Olsens lit up screens at home everywhere with straight-to-VHS classics like “It Takes Two” and “How the West Was Fun,” finally making their move to feature films in 2004 with “New York Minute.”

It seemed impossible years ago to walk into a Wal-Mart and avoid the onslaught of Mary-Kate and Ashley products, from toys to books to clothing for kids and tweens. As the twins, and their fans, got older, they turned away from Hollywood and took on the fashion industry, going global with their clothing label, The Row. Their unique personal style — described in the press as “bohemian bourgeois” and “homeless/granny chic” — have landed the twins on several worst-dressed lists.

It may seem hard to believe that the Olsens, who started their careers at 9 months of age, are only turning 25, but perhaps this will help: Mary-Kate was spotted smooching Kanye West outside a New York nightclub last week, says E! Online. They grow up so fast!

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Mary Keister is a Washington Post intern who grew up watching “Full House” and, as a twin herself, has identified with the sister act throughout the years.