Have you noticed that Matt Lauer has seemed a lot hipper lately? Well, “Today” show viewer, you may be noticing that the host has been sporadically reporting from outdoors while wearing Wayfarer-esque sunglasses.

Matt Lauer and his cool shades talking about Amanda Knox. (“Today.”)

Lauer reported live from Italy on Thursday, where he (and his shades) interviewed the sisters of Amanda Knox.

A handful of viewers expressed their displeasure with Lauer’s wearing of shades while reporting on the college student’s murder trial appeal.

One viewer bluntly tweeted: “Dear Mat Lauer, you look stupid wearing sunnies on TV. Take them off. Now.”

Others disagreed.* “Mmmmmm. Matt Lauer can get it in those sunglasses. #mattsmymorningcoffee,” tweeted one enthusiastic NBC viewer. “Matt Lauer is looking rather Hollywood while reporting from Italy,” wrote another.

The “Today” show weighed in on the chatter on Twitter: “It’s so sunny in Italy!”

We assume it was also rather bright when a shade-sporting Lauer interviewed Brad Pitt about “Moneyball” and Jennifer Aniston. In Lauer’s defense, Pitt was wearing a pair, as well.

So we must (yes, must) ask:What do you think of Lauer’s shades? Let us know in our poll.

Matt Lauer and his cool shades talking to Brad Pitt. (“Today.”)

*Note: This writer really likes Lauer’s shades and thinks he’s totally entitled to shield his eyes from the sun.