Max von Sydow: Oscar nominee and fan of writing longhand. (PABLO SANCHEZ/REUTERS)

In “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” Max von Sydow plays a man who communicates solely via the words written on his tablet and his own hands.

So it’s appropriate that von Sydow — who, at age 82, was nominated today for the second Academy Award of his career — issued his official Oscar reaction statement by writing it out, longhand and in cursive.

Whether you think “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” deserved a best picture nomination — and judging by the response in today’s Oscar nominations chat, many of you felt it did not — it’s tough to argue against the inclusion of von Sydow, whose sensitive supporting performance was one of the best things in the film.

Read his letter below, then try to remember the last time you responded to anything by writing in cursive.

(Via Warner Bros.)