MC Hammer: One of many celebs with SCOTUS thoughts. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

When the Supreme Court ruled this morning to uphold the essence of President Obama’s health care legislation, suddenly the national conversation focused in, laser-like, on discussing the ramifications of this news.

Twitter feeds immediately about-faced from discussion of Ann Curry’s “Today” show farewell tears to missives hashtagged #SCOTUS. Friends and family members got into knock-down drag-outs on Facebook when, just moments ago, they had been happily posting about who should bring the watermelon to next week’s Fourth of July picnic.

And of course, celebrities weighed in on the matter as well. Hey, they’re human beings who are impacted by health care decisions, too. Some of them have things to say about all this. Here are a few of those opinions, as collected from Twitter, where presumably we’ll see more victory celebrations and/or angry rants from the Hollywood set as the day progresses

Holly Robinson Peete, co-host of “The Talk,” went straight for the “this is like car insurance” argument that many advocates for Obama’s healthcare bill also have made.

We are required to have car insurance. Isn’t a mandate to have health insurance a similar concept?? What are your thoughts? #peetepoll

— Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) June 28, 2012

MC Hammer, a man who has been down on his luck financially at previous moments in his career, offered this bit of strategy advice to the Romney campaign.

Strategy: Positioning this as a threat to lower income majority won’t gain any new voters, that card has already been played. #SCOTUS

— MC HAMMER (@MCHammer) June 28, 2012

Alec Baldwin approached the subject, as ever, from a completely unbiased view.

I guess this means less $ for oil subsidies...Oh, too bad.

— AB (@alecbaldwin) June 28, 2012

Michael Moore, director of the documentary “Sicko,” chimed in with a thought about insurance companies that predictably prompted at least one tweeter to imply he’s a Communist.

Private profit making insurance companies have to go. They are still in charge. Hope they understand that today’s victory means they’re next

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) June 28, 2012

Albert Brooks, bless him, found a way to make the whole thing hilarious.

Breaking News: It’s a terrific day in America. I’m gonna go out and get wildly sick.

— Albert Brooks (@AlbertBrooks) June 28, 2012

Damon Lindelof of “Lost” and “Prometheus” fame reserved his humor for CNN’s screw-up on reporting the news: “I am not turning off CNN until they TELL ME GORE WON FLORIDA!!!”

Pamela Anderson tweeted a link to the video for the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated.” Which means: a) she’s tired; b) she’s already fatigued of the health care debate; c) she is really excited that everyone will have greater access to sedatives as a result of the law being upheld; or d. she just likes the Ramones.

And some celebrities, like Martha Stewart, dared to keep their Tweets blatantly out of the fray: “And don’t forget to submit your CraftStudio creation to our Pinterest contest for the chance to win prizes. Enter now:”

Hey, life has to go on as normal for some of us, doesn’t it?