Lady Gaga is becoming a fashion writer.

The Queen Monster tweeted earlier today that she will start penning a regular feature for V magazine that focuses on fashion and art. No word on whether each piece will have to remain in an egg for 72 hours before being published.

The quarterly, New York-based publication will run Gaga’s first piece in its summer 2011 issue.

I begin next month as a Fashion+Art Columnist for @VMagazine. + I’ll be resurrecting “TRANSMISSION GAGAVISION” episodes starting next week!less than a minute ago via webLady Gaga

Okay, so Gwyneth Paltrow might enter the magazine business, Gaga is becoming a columnist ... what’s next, Rebecca Black taking over as music critic for The New Yorker? That’s right, journalists: we’re now competing for jobs with people who are far prettier and more famous than we are. We’re screwed.