Fox, proud owner of a baby bump she has only confirmed via photography. (© Mark Blinch/Reuters/REUTERS)

Megan Fox is pregnant and seemingly wants the world to know she is pregnant. She just doesn’t want to actually say, via an official statement, that she is pregnant.

That’s the only conclusion one can draw now that she and husband Brian Austin Green released photos of themselves staring lovingly at and/or rubbing Fox’s bare and clearly bulging belly while the two were recently vacationing in Hawaii.

People magazine has characterized the seemingly posed shots as the “debut” of Fox’s baby bump, which is on full display thanks to her bikini-top-and-sheer-skirt combo. So this is what we’re doing now: engaging in official unveilings of pregnant celebrity bellies. I can only assume that a ribbon cutting will take place as soon as Fox reaches her third trimester (assuming she hasn’t already).

Rumors have circulated for several weeks that Fox is pregnant, due to increasingly hard-to-hide physical evidence. Still, following in the footsteps of fellow expectant actresses like Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon, Fox and Green haven’t officially announced the presence of a bun in the former “Transformer” star’s oven even though everyone can see it is there.

Now the couple has at least acknowledged that something is indeed there, and that the growing infant inside that tummy is worthy of many kisses from David Silver.

Us has more photos of Fertile Megan Fox Fest 2012, which, by the way, is absolutely my favorite summer festival. Feel free to peruse if you need more visual evidence that the scary girl from “Jennifer’s Body” is now the proud owner of a pregnant body.