Mel Gibson appears in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 31. (KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

According to the terms of the settlement that were disclosed earlier today, the Oscar-winner will pay his ex-girlfriend $750,000 in three installments. He also will continue to pay for their multimillion-dollar home, which he purchased, until their daughter Lucia turns 18, when she will receive the proceeds from its sale.

This should put an end to a nasty and public battle between the two, which involved accusations of domestic violence and many (many) leaked tapes of Gibson saying horrible things. The judge ruled that both parties are forbidden from releasing similar tapes in the future. They can’t file civil cases against each other, nor can they talk publicly about their relationship.

“I’d like to say thanks your honor for bringing this matter to a reasonable conclusion,” Gibson said.

Grigorieva also appeared in court and thanked the judge, noting that she hoped the resolution would allow her actor/filmmaker ex to focus on recharging his career.

In other Gibson news, the AP notes that the divorce between Gibson and Robyn Gibson, his wife of more than 25 years and the mother of his seven other children, will likely be finalized in a few weeks.