Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy. (Alexandra Wyman/GETTY IMAGES FOR THE PALM SPRING)

The Hollywood Reporter recently checked in with the “Saturday Night Live” actress, who informed them that she and writing partner, Annie Mumolo, “aren’t planning a sequel” to the hit, lady-centric comedy.

Universal, however, is considering a “Bridesmaids” part deux even if it is Wiig-less, according to THR, with McCarthy’s character, Megan, possibly taking center stage.

Apparently, no one at the studio behind the first film has run this plan by her.

“God, I wouldn't want to [be in a sequel without Wiig,]” McCarthy told E!’s Marc Malkin. “I would never want to. I think it’s a terrible idea.”

McCarthy added that she is not aware of Universal’s current plans for a sequel: “But I know that nobody wants to do it unless it's great. If it is, I will show up wherever those ladies are.”