Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in " Men in Black II.” (Melinda Sue Gordon/Columbia Pictures via Reuters)

The first peek at the third film in the alien-blasting franchise is now online and, as Deadline notes, is set to appear today on virtually every Sony-owned property known to mankind, including TV networks, Web sites, PlayStations, Sony retail stores and on a Times Square digital board in the middle of New York City. The hype machine for this 3-D extravaganza — and the attempt to overcome bad buzz about a challenging production — starts now.

The trailer finally gives us some sense of the Memorial Day blockbuster-wannabe’s plot, which involves Agent J (Smith) going back in time to meet a young version of Agent K (the Tommy Lee Jones character, played in the 1960s by Josh Brolin).

Yes, Brolin — who co-starred with Jones in “No Country for Old Men” — gets to do his impression of Al Gore’s former roommate. And based on the scant few seconds the clip shows us, he’s got it down pretty well.

Watch below, then decide whether “MiB 3” might capture any of the summer-movie attention you’ve already vowed to focus on “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The “Men in Black 3” trailer: