Andy Cohen and the ever-honest Meryl Streep. (Bravo)

Meryl Streep is not necessarily the first person you’d expect to see on Andy Cohen’s cheeky Bravo talk show “Watch What Happens Live.” But that’s exactly where she was last night, because Meryl Streep has a movie, “Hope Springs,” to promote but also because Meryl Streep does not play by your rules.

Hence, perhaps the greatest living actress on our planet sat in a comfy chair and played a rousing round of “Plead the Fifth,” a staple of Cohen’s show in which celebs face three questions and can plead the fifth to only one.

To her credit, Streep didn’t cop out on any of them, including one that presented her with the names of three previous co-stars — Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman — and forced her to marry one, shag one and kill one. Let’s just say that things didn’t turn out well for Tootsie.

In addition to her refreshing candor during “Marry, Shag or Kill” — which is a game the whole family can play, by the way — I also appreciated her honest answer to the question, “Name one bad film you have made.” Watch, uh, what happens below, then also watch her reaction to some extreme Streep fans, which is equally delightful..