Fassbender: keeping it real about his Oscar reaction. (Courtesy of GQ)

The star, who will soon be seen as an android in “Prometheus,” candidly admits in a new GQ profile that he was pretty bummed out when his performance in “Shame” failed to make the Oscar cut earlier this year.

“At the beginning people [say], ‘You’re going to be going to the Oscars,’ and you’re like, ‘Whatever, doesn’t matter, don’t think so,’ ” the actor tells GQ reporter Chris Heath. “But after a while it does penetrate. After a while you’re like, ‘Anyway, so I’m going to the Oscars. . . ’ . . . And you start to believe it. And I did. I thought I was going. And then I found out I wasn’t and I was upset. I was very upset by it.”

Lest you think that Fassbender’s Oscar feelings suggest a significant level of self-absorption, please know that he learned an important lesson from the experience.

“It’s a vanity thing,” he says. “It does become important to you. And it shouldn’t.”

The rest of the GQ piece spends a lot of time talking about how everyone paid too much attention to Fassbender’s penis in “Shame” and, by again noting that, continues to pay too much attention to Fassbender’s penis.

However, it is worth a read. And it also contains these important pieces of information:

1. That Fassbender is indeed dating his “Shame” co-star Nicole Beharie. “I’m seeing Nicole, we’re trying to see each other as often as possible,” he says.

2. That that whole story about a fan vomiting on Fassbender’s shoes because she was overcome with excitement about meeting him is false. “I wasn’t there for it,” he says. “It just didn’t happen.”

3. That he gets frustrated by waiters who hover and/or clear plates too attentively. “One of my pet hates,” he notes. If Fassbender ever walks into your restaurant — what, it could happen — take this into consideration.