Pop star Michael Jackson in 1993. (HAVAKUK LEVISON/REUTERS)

“In the end there were two sides to the record: The tabloid caricature and the provocative, genre-changing musical genius that his fans will always treasure,” the Post’s Hank Stuever and Matt Schudel wrote in June 2009. “There were those whose devotion knew no bounds.”

A memorial for the King of Pop will be held at his childhood home in Gary, Ind. on Saturday evening. In a press release for the “Tribute to Michael,” Mayor Rudy Clay said, “The world is invited.” The event will end with a candlelight vigil to the late star.

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Another tribute will be held at Forest Lawn Cemetery in California, where Jackson was entombed in September 2009. Jackson’s children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, were shown a customized motorcycle, featuring images of their dad, that will be driven during the tribute.

Extremely devoted fans can pay between $175 and $500 to fly above Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in a helicopter. “Fans will also be able to pay tribute during the flight by dropping a complimentary red rose (MJ’s favorite flower) atop nearby Zaca Peak — a 3,000 foot summit overlooking the Neverland grounds,” the company, Channel Islands Helicopters, wrote on its Facebook page.

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And here’s a mini-celebration of Jackson through music. Listen to three versions of “Human Nature” from the King himself, late jazz legend Miles Davis and John Mayer, who played the song at Jackson’s televised memorial service.