Michael K. Williams. (Dimitrios Kambouris/GETTY IMAGES FOR LEVI'S)

In a video released last month by Marylanders for Marriage Equality and the Human Rights Campaign, “The Wire’s” Michael K. Williams expresses support for Maryland’s same-sex marriage bill.

He says, “Gay and lesbian couples have the same values – like commitment and family. They want to build strong families through marriage. But what’s going on in B’more and all across Maryland is that some couples can’t even get a marriage license.”

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Oscar winner Mo’Nique and “Good Wife” star Josh Charles, who are both Maryland natives, have also made videos for the project.

The “Boardwalk Empire” actor isn’t from the state (he was born in Brooklyn), but fans of David Simon’s classic series “The Wire” will immediately understand his connection. His character Omar Little was not only Baltimore’s greatest stickup boy with a strict moral code, he was also gay. When asked by Mother Jones last year if the character “being gay made any inroads within the black community,” Williams replied:

I think so. You know, I've had dudes who, in any other scenario would not want to be around openly gay men, but then they see me and then they see Omar and they got their arms wrapped tight around me, and it's, "Yo, I love you! I love you!" I think what the character Omar did for the homophobia in my community was it let people know: You can agree to disagree.

Williams gives a nod to his legendary character at the end of the video, as he says with a smile, “Join us — or Omar gon’ come at you.” Watch it below.

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