Wiig, saying goodbye. (Evan Agostini/Associated Press)

Mick Jagger — the host/musical guest of this season-closing installment — played the role of commencement speaker, congratulating the “graduating class” of “SNL” players and inviting Wiig to join him for special recognition. She then got a special dance with Jagger and each of her “SNL” cast mates as well as Lorne Michaels, while Arcade Fire performed a lovely cover of the Stones’s “She’s a Rainbow,” which then segued into a cast sing-along of “Ruby Tuesday.” (You can watch the video below.)

The night’s cameo players Steve Martin and Jon Hamm and “SNL” alums Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Will Forte and Chris Parnell also joined in in at the end, while a clearly teary Wiig mouthed the words “Still I’m gonna miss you” and pointed at the audience.

It was all quite lovely. But it also raised some questions: Wasn’t this also the last episode for Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg who, like Wiig, appeared for seven seasons of “SNL”? And given the lack of fanfare over their departures, does that explain why Sudeikis wasn’t so into singing a goodbye song for Wiig?

Reports circulated before last night’s finale that all three solid cast regulars would be calling this season their last, although NBC never officially confirmed those reports.

An Associated Press story says that Michaels has stated other cast changes will “wait until the summer.” But if you saw last night’s digital short, a sequel to Samberg’s very first viral clip entitled ”Lazy Sunday 2,” it certainly implied this episode was the “That’s My Boy” star’s last.

At the end of his and Chris Parnell’s rap about getting mimosas and going to see “Sister Act: The Musical,” Samberg shut it down by saying, “That’s how it began, and that’s how I’m going to finish it.”

Perhaps more notably, during the “Ruby Tuesday” sing-along, Sudeikis neglected to croon along, hanging back from the crowd and looking emotional. (Wiig whispered something in his ear during their dance together, and she also looked emotional as they parted so Samberg could take his turn.) Toward the end, if you watch closely, you can see Sudeikis walk offstage. Was he ticked off about not being acknowledged as well? Was he verklempt because of Wiig’s departure and, possibly, his own? It’s unclear. But if Samberg and Sudeikis also took their SNL curtain calls, it seems unfair that they didn’t get a proper goodbye, too. Wiig certainly deserved one. But so did they.

Watch video of the Wiig farewell, followed by “Lazy Sunday 2,” below. I also threw in clips of Jagger and Jeff Beck doing a blues number about the presidential election (seriously) and fantastic musical performances by Jagger/Arcade Fire (doing the Stones’ “The Last Time”) and Jagger/Foo Fighters bridging together blistering takes on “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (But I Like It).”

The goodbye to Wiig:

“Lazy Sunday 2,” in which Samberg and Parnell demonstrate that they love brunch more than “McAdams loves Channing.”

Jagger sings the blues about President Obama and Mitt Romney:

Jagger and Arcade Fire:

Jagger and the fighters of foo: