To recap: this young woman has been inducted into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame ... (AP)

This raises an obvious question. Well, a second obvious question, the one that immediately follows, “What the heck is the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame?”: How in the world did Cyrus win an award that clearly should have gone to Jeff Bridges, a man who has done more for the sport of bowling via his starring role in “The Big Lebowski” than virtually any other famous person, living or dead?

... and these men were not. (MERRICK MORTON/AP)

Bridges’s character elevated the awareness and appreciation of bowling — not to mention the especially niche activity of bowling while drinking White Russians — to a whole new level. What’s worse, this is the second year he’s missed the celebrity bowling inductee mark; last year, Taylor Swift won. What’s doubly worse: This injustice happened only a day before the “Big Lebowski” reunion, which takes place tomorrow night in New York. Serious bummer, man.

Granted, this is an immediately silly little poll that’s existed for just two years and is designed to bring some attention to the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum in Arlington, Tex., where actual, legitimate bowlers are honored. But still, the Dude really should not abide this.

Oh, and you know who else should not abide this? Bill Murray. He came in sixth place this year. While I don’t know what kind of bowling skills Cyrus possesses, I am pretty sure she could not have pulled off what Murray does below in this clip from “Kingpin.” At least not while rockin’ that hair to the tune of ELO’s “Showdown.”