Miss Piggy, soon to be asking hard-hitting red carpet questions at the BAFTAs. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

In what may the best awards show idea ever conceived, Miss Piggy has been tapped to host a red carpet pre-show.

The most glamourous member of the Muppet gang will play the Giuliana Rancic role at the BAFTAs, where she will anchor the “Orange BAFTA Red Carpet Show With Miss Piggy.” Kermit the Frog’s occasionally violent other half will appear at the British Oscars on Feb. 12 — which, coincidentally, takes place two days after “The Muppets” debuts in the U.K. — to interview nominees such as George Clooney and Michael Fassbender.

“Naturally,” Piggy promised via a press release from BAFTA, “I will be asking questions that only moi would dare to ask.”

Unfortunately, the segment won’t air anywhere live; it will be taped, edited and shared on orange.co.uk/bafta and other channels, according to the BAFTA release. So if Piggy does something really nuts — like, say, bust out an unexpected “Hi-ya!” on Dame Judi Dench — no one will see it in real time. (The “for-real” BAFTA red carpet show will be hosted by the BBC’s Edith Bowman and air on BBC1; the BAFTA ceremony can be seen here in the States at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.)

Still, even though Piggy will be edited, this seems like a concept upon which E! should really pounce. Sure, the red-carpet-obsessed channel already has its Ryan Seacrest and its Rancic. But imagine the possibilities if Kathy Griffin were brought back into the fold, with Miss Piggy as her sidekick. Lord knows what kind of things those two might spontaneously say about Dakota Fanning.