As promised, Miss Piggy glammed herself up for the purpose of conducting celebrity interviews at the BAFTAs on Sunday. And as expected, the edited down, online-only video of Piggy’s “red carpet show” would have been far better if it were uncut, uncensored and a half-hour long.

Still, the nearly eight-minute clip contains a few Muppety delights.

Among them: Jon Hamm implying that he and Miss Piggy have a lot in common because “my last name is Hamm”; Piggy making plans to star in a buddy movie with Jessica Chastain; her confession to Michael Fassbender that she intends to see “Shame” with Kermit because “it could get things kinda steamy”; Jonah Hill demanding a Piggy kiss; and the posing of this hard-hitting question to Daniel Radcliffe: “You got rid of that scar. Who’s your plastic surgeon?”

Watch below.