Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos, reacts after being crowned Miss World 2011 in Earls Court in west London. (Paul Hackett/Reuters)

Sarcos, who has a degree in human resources and works for a broadcasting company, is one of 13 children. According to the International Business Times, she is an orphan whose parents died when she was 8. Sarcos was raised by nuns in a convent, and once considered becoming a nun, but gave up the dream “when she realized she wanted the fame and success that being a model could bring.”

“I would like to help people like me. I am an orphan. I would also like to help the elderly and troubled teenagers. As many people as I can,” said Sarcos.

She described the proudest moment of her life as the day she took her first Communion. Her favorite book is “The Secret.”

Her 113 competitors came aroudn the world, from Albania to Zimbabwe. Miss World, a lesser-known pageant than the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe, celebrated its 60th anniversary by returning to London, the site of the first pageant. Reuters reports that a feminist demonstration took place outside of the Earls Court auditorium, with a number of female protesting objecting to the “appalling offence against women’s equality.”

See video of the crowning — as well as some awkward moments in the final questions — below.

Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos reacts as she stands with all of the Miss World 2011 contestants after being crowned Miss World 2011. (Jeremy O'Donnell/Getty Images)