Mitchel Musso (Via IMDb)

Musso, who, at 20, is under the legal drinking age, was pulled over during the wee hours of Sunday morning, E! Online reports. A Burbank police sergeant said the actor was stopped by officers after failing to slow down while approaching the scene of a traffic accident. A sobriety test indicated he was drunk, so he was taken into custody and subsequently released. His bail was waived because he had no warrants or previous offenses on his record.

Musso — who paid a visit to a Virginia elementary school in 2008 to literally encourage squeaky-clean behavior, in the form of proper hand-washing techniques — now joins the company of other child stars who have gotten themselves in trouble with the law. For the Disney regular, who now stars in the show “Pair of Kings” and provides the voice for Jeremy Johnson on “Phineas and Ferb,”we can hope this will be a wake-up call and not the beginning of a trend.