The Reddit-friendly Molly Ringwald. (Craig Schwartz)

In that post, I also noted that she would be doing an AMA (aka an Ask Me Anything chat) on Reddit. That AMA happened yesterday. For anyone who has ever been a fan of Ringwald, John Hughes’s films or the timeless debate over Blaine vs. Duckie, the transcript is required reading.

For those who need the CliffsNotes, however, here are six pieces of fascinating information that the “Pretty in Pink” star shared during the live Q&A.

1. Her husband, writer Panio Gianopolous, once went to an ’80s party dressed as Jake Ryan.

Writes Ringwald: “Panio and I recently had to go to an eighties party for my daughter's school. He went as Jake Ryan. It was good and creepy how much he actually looked like him.”

This is: a. the greatest thing I’ve heard all month, and b. info that allows fans of “Sixteen Candles” to forever believe that Samantha Baker really did end up with Jake. Which is a blessing and a gift.

2. In response to the question, “Are you Team Duckie or Team Blaine?” Ringwald’s response was: “Team James Spader.”

So she’s pro-Stef, even though he thought Andie is, was and will always be nada? Actually, I always loved the way Spader said that line so this makes complete sense to me.

3. In that same thread, “The Breakfast Club” star revealed that her lipstick trick in that movie was not real.

“It’s all movie magic,” she said. “There is a story behind that: John Hughes wrote it but never actually thought about me having to do it. He kept putting it off until the end of filming that long scene. I kept bringing it up, like, ‘Hey. We gotta figure this out. Are we going to have robotic breasts?’ Finally we decided it was better to see less and let everyone assume that I was particularly skilled.”

So the many hours spent trying to replicate this stunt during both 1985 and 1986 were all for nought?

4. Ringwald almost did a “Sixteen Candles” remake but decided not to.

Post: “At one point, six years ago, I was considering participating in a sequel to Sixteen Candles. But John Hughes didn’t want to have sequels to any of the movies I was in and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it without his involvement.”

When a Redditor asked for more information about the plot, she added, “I don’t remember much about it, but the script eventually became Avatar.”

5. Molly Ringwald loves My Little Pony.

The brony community suggested she do a voice for season three of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” an idea greeted with this gif.

6. And just to close this down by bringing it back to Spader, Ringwald answered a question about whether she sees any of her old co-stars by telling the following story.

“I see them all from time to time but not every day. Weirdly, I was having dinner with Bret Easton Ellis who I hadn’t seen in a decade. We were seated at the Chef’s table when we saw James Spader touring the kitchen. I think it was surreal for everyone involved, like a wormhole from the eighties opened up.”