Kardashian and Humphries, celebrating their marriage in New York two months prior to Kardashian filing for divorce. (Evan Agostini/AP)

More details emerge in the wake of Kim Kardashian’s decision to divorce Kris Humphries : Humphries won’t get any money in the divorce thanks to the terms of the pre-nup. Humphries also was reportedly “blindsided” by Kardashian’s decision to file papers and said in a statement that he still wants to make the marriage work. Kardashian still has not tweeted about the whole situation and did not show up in the “Dancing With the Stars” audience last night to support brother Rob. (TMZ; People)

Meanwhile, over at E! — where everyone remains both saddened and surprised by the Kardashian/Humphries divorce — execs are reportedly debating whether to continue airing reruns of “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding.” It’s a very serious debate. They’re conducting it Oxford-Style. (New York Times ArtsBeat)

And Andrea Peyser of the New York Post is not mincing any words when it comes to this high-profile split. “It was a pairing born in an agent’s office, and spawned in amoral Hollywood,” she writes in a column about Kardashian and Humphries. “Then, it drove to the finish line wrapped in a dank hell where sacred, holy matrimony is nothing more than a cynical money-making enterprise. The marriage was nothing more than a profitable scam, one bought by heavy-set romantics who live their entire lives hoping for a shot at getting into bed with a HumpDashian. These two glassy-eyed ghouls, who announced their split, fittingly, on Halloween, don’t give a rat’s rump about rational notions of love, fidelity or the concept of forever. This was all about selling one’s body to the highest bidder.” Yowza. (New York Post)

Final Kardashian note of this morning mix: Jessica Biel evidently decided to dress up as Kim K. at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party. (Us)

In other news ... the Post’s Hank Stuever reviews “Rock Center,” the new Brian Williams newsmagazine show that debuted Halloween night, and calls it “assured, quick-paced and enjoyably flavored with a few spicy dashes of Brian Williams’s dry rub.” (Washington Post)

Pete Townshend blasts Apple’s iTunes for being a “digital vampire.” Dang, why did he have to steal the title of my new young-adult novel series? (BBC)

Justin Bieber explains his (minor) run-in with police on “The Tonight Show,” after the jump.

Bill Paxton may direct a big-screen adaptation of the TV show “Kung Fu.” That’s right: Chet from “Weird Science” and Caine, together at last. (Deadline)

American Horror Story ” has been renewed for a second season. And that means, thankfully, more creepy melodrama and weirdness involving men in rubber suits. (TV Column)

Octavia Spencer of “The Help” will play a card dealer in Diablo Cody’s directorial debut. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Justin Bieber appeared on “The Tonight Show” and described his experience getting a speeding ticket. When the officer asked the singer whether he knew why he was being pulled over, the Biebs apparently responded: “Why, do you like my car?”