A morning mix of entertainment headlines, including a few Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes items...

●Katie Holmes emerged publicly on Monday for the first time since filing for divorce from Tom Cruise . She was not wearing her old wedding ring and was flanked by new bodyguards as she headed to a taping of “Project Runway: All Stars,” where she was acting as guest judge. (New York Daily News)

He’s 50 — 50-years-old! — today. (© Toby Melville / Reuters/REUTERS)

● Oh, and by the way, if you’re not irritated by Cruise yet, this might tip you over the edge. According to an item in Us Weekly, he forbade — forbade, I tell you — Holmes from participating in a “Dawson’s Creek” reunion. Hey, maybe if they get divorced, we won’t have to wait for our lives to be over to see that reunion happen. (Us)

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, Mel Gibson’s stepmother, has filed a restraining order against him because she says he is a physical threat to her safety. Gibson’s father, John Hutton Gibson, filed last month to divorce his wife, but Hicks alleges that Mel and his sister, Maura Dunne, manipulated their father into seeking divorce, and that the “Braveheart” star recently “became incensed and started acting like a wild man” in her presence. She requests that he remain 100 yards away from her at all times. E! Online has all the sordid details in the court filing. (The Guardian)

All 15 regulars of the cast of “ Glee ” — including Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Mark Salling and Amber Riley — will return for season four of the series. It’s unclear how “regular” each one will be given the size of the ensemble and the fact that the graduating seniors’ stories have taken them to multiple settings. Chord Overstreet also is reportedly in talks to become a series regular. Because this show doesn’t have enough people in it. (The Hollywood Reporter)

●“ The Hobbit ” plans to make a big splash at Comic-Con next week. As part of the ramp-up to said splash, 10 new photos from the film have been released. (Entertainment Weekly)

●Since his recent heart attacks, watermelon-smashing performer Gallagher has had it rough. He told an Ohio radio show that he has no home, has lost most of his money and that his California driver’s license has been suspended. He’s currently residing in hotels paid for by credit cards. Writes the Huffington Post: “When asked if he still likes smashing watermelons to this day, Gallagher offered another melancholy response, saying he ‘doesn't care’ and that he lets others do it, ‘because they need memories.’” Good Lord this is sad. (Huffington Post)

●Speaking of radio interviews gone awry, high school graduate Justin Bieber hung up on a Detroit DJ when some questions regarding One Direction went in a, uh, bad direction. (YouTube)