Estella Warren. (Dan Steinberg/AP)

Actress Estella Warren has been charged with four misdemeanors, including DUI and battery on an officer, stemming from her somewhat bizarre May 23 arrest. (People)

MTV has canceled “Skins,” the controversial U.K. teen drama transplant, proving that outrage does not translate into ratings. (Vulture)

Emma Watson, who said left she Brown University because she’s really famous, will reportedly enroll at Oxford. (The Mirror)

Potential New York mayoral candidate Alec Baldwin defended Rep. Anthony Weiner in a piece for the Huffington Post, calling the sexting politician a “modern human being ... ensnared ... in things that modern humans do.”

If Baldwin decides to run, he can count on Chevy Chase and Jennifer Garner for support. (The Huffington Post)

Joey Fatone is reportedly auctioning off everything in his Orlando home, including arcade games and a replica of the Sword of Omens from the cartoon “Thundercats.” (TMZ)

After the jump, find out when Prince Harry says he’ll get hitched.

Sorry, princess wannabes. When Prince Harry was recently asked when he’d be getting married, he responded, “Not for a long time.” (Us Weekly) had to whip out his cellphone to read the lyrics to Black Eyed Peas song “Don’t Stop The Party” at a live television performance in France. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Michael Douglas said wife Catherine Zeta-Jones “is doing great.” The actress revealed she had been treated for bipolar II disorder this April. (Us Weekly)