Johnny Depp on guitar! (Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Johnny Depp received the generation award, the kinda sorta equivalent of a lifetime achievement award, at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. And he did so in a way that confirms that Depp is a complete and utter stallion.

After Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith sang Depp’s praises and introduced a video tribute to his many film roles, Depp could have immediately launched into the traditional acceptance speech. Instead, he opted to play guitar during the Black Keys’s performance of “Gold on the Ceiling.” Then, when Tyler and Perry popped over to present the popcurn-bucket trophy to Depp while spouting some mumbo jumbo about how he works in “the backroom of the soul,” Depp made some extremely concise remarks in which he referred to the honor as the “Get Out of the Business Award.”

“Clearly, based on the clips,” he added, referring to the aforementioned montage of his roles as drunken pirates, cross-dressing B-movie directors and misunderstood, pasty dudes with scissors for hands, “there’s obviously something wrong with me.” Actors with self-awareness — aren’t they the best?

Then he jumped back in on guitar and played himself out to commercial by joining the Black Keys on “Lonely Boy.” Ladies and gentlemen, this is how it’s done.

On top of it all, he managed to pull off that hipster cowboy hat that you see above, which pretty no one else can do. Watch the clips of the Depp-nificence below and prepare to agree that Johnny Depp rules, even though “Dark Shadows” was, admittedly, kind of a letdown.

Depp and Black Keys do “Gold on the Ceiling”:

Depp receives the Generation Award:

Depp and the Black Keys do “Lonely Boy”: