Let’s say you missed the MTV Movie Awards because you were busy watching “Game of Thrones,” or “Mad Men,” or the Miss USA pageant, or any number of other programming options afforded to us by the wonders of cable and network television. It’s okay. Until DVRs figure out how to record seven shows simultaneously or programming geniuses realize that there are other nights to schedule shows aside from Sunday — Hey, guys? Ever heard of Monday? — we’re all going to miss things from time to time.

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Fortunately, there were really only three things worth seeing during the two-hour show. Well, there were also some nitpicky little details to chew on, but I’ll cover those in another post. From a “you really should see this because it’s actually good” perspective, this, right here, is what the MTV Movie Awards delivered.

Johnny Depp accepting his Generation Award by jamming with the Black Keys .

I already covered this in a previous post that provides plenty of detail about this magical moment in which the man who played Capt. Jack Sparrow, a character based on a rock star, rocked out with actual rock stars and thereby reminded us that he originally wanted to be a rock star rather than an actor. But I am posting this clip of Depp with the Keys again, just because.

The exclusive preview of “The Dark Knight Rises

The new clip from Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie didn’t move the needle on our excitement level for the film. (It’s already at 11.) But it did give us Joseph Gordon-Levitt hamming it up for the crowd, Christian Bale choking up after seeing clips of Heath Ledger and the crowd rising to give a standing ovation for Mr. Nolan, making the MTV Movie Awards, at least in this moment, a genuine celebration of fine filmmaking.

Emma Stone chokes up while receiving the Trailblazer Award, makes Andrew Garfield choke up and briefly makes us take the MTV Movie Awards sort of seriously.

Just when you had become totally comfortable with the fact that the MTV Movie Awards is nothing more than a fetid stew of terrible Russell Brand jokes and interchangeable actresses in strapless mini-dresses, along comes Stone to actually make us care.

Let me explain the brilliance of what Stone does in this acceptance speech. First of all, she makes it abundantly clear that the Trailblazer Award — an honor MTV clearly made up just to give Stone an excuse to get onstage, which actually seems kind of genius given Stone’s oratory skills — is a crock. She acknowledges that the whole thing is a sham and that she’s too young to have blazed trails for anyone. And yet at the same time, she is enormously gracious and appreciative and humble and — oh my God — inspiring. Inspiring. At the MTV Movie Awards. Is that even allowed?

She gets teary. Her boyfriend Andrew Garfield, who is in the audience, gets teary. And all of a sudden, you’re watching the MTV Movie Awards and feeling genuinely moved, a feeling that immediately dissipates once Brand shows up again. But still, the fact that it happened at all ... well, maybe Stone really is a trailblazer.