The celebrated ponies of “My Little Pony.” (Via YouTube)

Television Without Pity, which is owned by NBC Universal, allows both its editors and readers to vote in 80 categories both traditional (best TV drama) and non-traditional (best performance by an inanimate object). It’s that reader vote that propelled “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to the winner’s position in the best animated series category, even though the TWoP editors chose “South Park” instead. Clearly there is a small brony contingent among TWoP editors, and an extremely large one (duh) on the Internet.

Other items of note in this silly yet enjoyable series of honors:

— “American Horror Story” was named best new show by readers, while TWoP staff selected it as their guiltiest TV pleasure. (Regular people evidently felt guiltier about watching “Gossip Girl.”)

— Television Without Pity editors think that “Mad Men” is the best drama on television. Ordinary voters say it’s “Game of Thrones.”

— Everyone agrees that “Glee” is their favorite scripted show to hate-watch.

— Everyone also agrees that the best pop culture references on television came from “Community,” although they split in terms of which episode is most deserving in that category. Readers said it was the “Law & Order” parody, while TWoP editors thought it was the 8-bit video game installment.

— Everyone agrees that “Whitney” was the worst new show of last season.

— Everyone also agrees that the worst moment in reality television was that time on “Toddlers & Tiaras” when a mom dressed up her toddler in Julia Roberts’s hooker outfit. (The fact that everyone agreed on this, by the way, should make us all feel a little better about America.)

— The best performance by an inanimate object either belongs to the D-Bag Jar on Fox’s “New Girl” (readers’ choice) or Big Carl the wine glass from “Cougar Town” (editors’ choice).

Peruse more of the winners, then prepare for what will undoubtedly be the best brony party on the Internet, ever!