Naveen Andrews: intentionally oblivious to what happened to Sayid Jarrah. (ABC)

This revelation comes courtesy of an interview on the British morning program “Daybreak,” which was referenced in this item from Huffington Post UK.

When asked about the controversial series finale, Andrews said, “I was very confused just because I never saw the show. I saw the pilot, you know, because you have to have some knowledge of the piece that you are in, but I never saw an episode of ‘Lost.’”

He then adds that Marilyn Manson, a hardcore “Lost” fan, assured him that “they had resolved it really well and it all made sense.”

First of all, it’s good to be reminded that Marilyn Manson was happy with the finale.

Second of all: how is it possible that Sayid Jarrah himself, runner-up in the prestigious “Lost” Madness competition, missed so many key moments in Sayid Jarrah history?

He never witnessed his own anguish when — spoiler alert — Shannon got shot by a careless and irritating Ana Lucia.

He never saw himself being a total stallion by — again, spoiler alert technically, but seriously, you should just catch up with this by now — outing Ben Linus as Ben Linus instead of Henry Gale.

He never witnessed the supreme sacrifice he made for others on that submarine in the episode entitled “The Candidate.”

Should we send him the complete box set so he can rectify this matter? Suggest he watch it on Netflix or OnDemand? Or should we spearhead an effort to convince Manson to stage “One Man Lost,” a 90-minute stage play in which he performs the series in its entirety? That wouldn’t really help Andrews at all, but it might be weirdly entertaining for the rest of us.