Mariah Carey laughs with her husband Nick Cannon and their son, Moroccan Scott Cannon, at the BET Honors in Washington. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

The 31-year-old actor and TV personality talked with his new “America’s Got Talent” co-star, Howard Stern, about his treatment for “mild kidney failure” and (kind of) explained what the heck that non-medical term referred to.

Cannon said doctors in Aspen, Colo., where he was vacationing with wife Mariah Carey and their twin babies at the beginning of the New Year, originally thought he had acute mountain sickness. Doctors then thought he had kidney stones, he said. After ruling that out, they believed he had an infection.

“It was a lot more serious. They found out that my kidneys weren’t functioning well,” Cannon explained, adding that he put “mild” in front of “kidney failure” so the public wouldn’t think he needed a transplant.

Cannon said he still must undergo a few more procedures but is feeling much better. He said that he saw a different, more nurturing side of his diva-tastic wife during his hospitalization and that their marriage improved as a result of his illness.

He did not elaborate further on the cause of his ailment.

Stern and Cannon also discussed their NBC talent show, how Cannon splits the bills with Carey and the time Cannon made out with Lindsay Lohan. (“She was more attracted to me,” Cannon said.) Listen to the show, which contains a few NSFW words, here.