The weekend is upon us. So surely you must be thinking: is there a fun but satisfying woodworking project I can tackle during my Saturday afternoon?

Fortunately, Nick Offerman — the man who plays master woodworker Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation” and happens to be a master woodworker himself — is here to assist. In the video below, posted by Mo Ryan over at Huffington Post, he shows us all how simple it is to make a Ron Swanson bobblehead doll.

“All you need are some tools, part of a tree and a whole lot of moxie,” he notes. Well, that and a finished bobblehead that one can magically produce after doing a lot of sawing and whittling.

See for yourself via the video below. Consider it preparation for the return of “Parks and Recreation” next Thursday, an event that will be celebrated in Celebritology next week with goodies gathered during my recent visit to the “Parks and Rec” set, including an interview with Mr. Offerman himself. Sure, you can refer to the various upcoming blog posts as Celebritology’s Pawnee Fest 2012. It’s not as amazing as a Harvest Festival but it’s still pretty good.