Nick Stahl as Ben Hawkins appears in HBO's "Carnivale” in 2003. (RICHARD J. CARTWRIGHT/HBO VIA AP)

The 32-year-old actor was last seen May 9 and was reported missing by wife Rose Stahl Monday morning, according to People and TMZ.

After replacing Edward Furlong as John Connor in 2003’s “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” Stahl starred in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Carnivale.” Since the show was cancelled in 2005, the actor has appeared in a number of films and guest starred on TV shows, including “Body of Proof.”

Stahl and his wife have a daughter, Marlo. Rose Stahl has not directly commented on her husband’s disappearance on Twitter, but did tweet to her followers Wednesday, “Thank you for kind words.” Nick Stahl’s Twitter account has not been used since May 1.