A morning mix of entertainment headlines . . .

Nicki Minaj has some largely unintelligible words for Mariah Carey. (Danny Moloshok/Reuters)

Some really blurry video footage was leaked to TMZ of Nicki Minaj (mostly) inaudibly screaming and cursing at Mariah Carey during “American Idol” auditions Tuesday. Now it’s all over the Internet. The person to feel most sorry for in this situation? Keith Urban, who is stuck sitting between the two of them. Even though the video is dodgy, you can clearly see that he is already wondering whether there’s a way to wiggle out of his contract. Meanwhile, isn’t it kind of weird that someone on set was able to shoot this clip and leak it to TMZ so that we, the potential “Idol” viewing public, could see just how “controversial” the show will be this season? (GossipCop; TMZ)

Best thing to happen so far this week: “Jeopardy! actually featured a category called “ The Walking Dead ” and another called “Where is Carl?!” during last night’s episode. I am so sorry I did not DVR this. (H/T to our old friend Sarah Anne Hughes for making sure we were all aware of this.) (Mike Hicks Tumblr)

Rumor: Chris Brown and Rihanna recently may have been making out at a New York club. Or they might have just been standing really close together, like Brown and Nicole Scherzinger were when the Internet said they were caught kissing at a club a week ago. Hard to say. (E! Online)

Another “Dancing With the Stars” contestant got booted last night. And that person is mentioned in the TV Column, in case you’re trying to keep up with “DWTS” without actually spending hours of your life watching it. (TV Column)

Jerry Seinfeld wrote a letter to the New York Times to voice his thoughts regarding a piece about the overuse of the word “really?” Note: The letter contains several uses of the word really. (New York Times)

Daniel Craig is on the cover of the November issue of Vanity Fair, and in the article he talks about how hard it is for him to enjoy himself at a bar since he’s become James Bond, even though people are sending martinis his way all the time. (Vanity Fair)

Jason Bateman and “Up All Night” executive producer DJ Nash have sold to NBC the concept for a new comedy called “Then Came Elvis.” It kind of sounds like a “Wonder Years” that’s set in the 1980s instead of the 1960s. (Deadline)

Here’s the first non-vague promo for “American Horror Story: Asylum,” featuring Jessica Lange as a nun talking to someone who is being treated like Malcolm McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange.”

Quick question: Is everyone aware that there is a new Disney Channel series called “Dog With a Blog”? And that it debuts, in real life on real televisions, Friday? Because somehow I missed this until yesterday, and my brain still hasn’t fully recovered from learning this information.