Nicki Minaj (Jonathan Short/Associated Press)

While Chris Brown sings the male verse on the song, Minaj recruited rapper Nas to play her brooding leading man.

The three seem to be entangled in love triangle of sorts, with Brown vying for Minaj’s heart with a lunchtime shopping trip and Nas with a car delivered to her doorstep. (I’d say the latter is a slightly better gift.)

The video also features shots of a beautiful home, fancy jewelry and a waterfall feature, as well as a very subtle close-up on a Pepsi can. Considering Mianj’s ties to the soda company, I’d say the songstress wasn’t drinking the beverage because the restaurant didn’t serve Coke.

Nas and Minaj make quite a nice fictional couple, sharing a passionate kiss at the end of the video. A Twitter user posited to the singer, “Ya’ll must’ve practiced that kiss more than once [because] that was perfection,” to which Minaj replied, “Ummm. Yes. Yes we did.”

That’s sure to churn the rumor mill.

Minaj is currently on tour overseas in support of her album “Roman Reloaded.”

Watch the video, which contains explicit language during Minaj’s rapped verse from 2:49 to 3:24, here.