A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Prince Harry, at the London Olympics, wearing more clothes than he did during a recent trip to Vegas. (Neil Hall/Reuters)

Prince Harry apparently engaged in a good, old-fashioned game of strip billiards during his recent party weekend in Las Vegas, which has led to seemingly authentic nude photos of him being published on TMZ. Because when you’re in the royal family, and you get naked in front of other people, someone is going to take a picture. No official comment from the royal family but a “source close to Harry” tells Us Weekly that, “This was not the type of fun he was supposed to be having. He’s in trouble.” Queen Elizabeth is so grounding him, bigtime. (Associated Press; Us)

Update: For the record, Reuters has confirmed via a “royal source” that the photos are legitimate. Thanks to loyal reader epjd for pointing that out in the comments.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were pretty much divorced based on their lightning-quick ability to reach an agreement regarding the terms of their split. But court documents filed Monday show that the matter is now officially closed in the eyes of the law. Naturally, those documents are open to the public so we can read all about the details of the divorce ... just kidding! Those documents are sealed up tight. (Associated Press)

Because none of us bought as many commemorative “Simpsons” stamps as we should have, the U.S. Postal Service wasted $1.2 million. I hope you’re all slapping your foreheads and saying “D’oh!” right now. (Washington Post)

If, as rumored, Michael Strahan is named Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on “Live!” he will still provide commentary on Fox NFL Sunday. So please, would you stop worrying about him being double-booked? (Early Lead)

FYI: The Golden Globe Awards will be held Jan.13, 2013, two days before the Academy Award nominations are announced. (Vulture)

Wednesday’s headline that may indicate the apocalypse is nigh, courtesy of People magazine: “Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Losing Beauty Sleep over Pet Pig.”

Here’s a montage of all the “Breaking Bad”/“Seinfeld” acting crossovers. Consider this a prep class for a future TV trivia game. (Via Uproxx and Fark)