Octavia Spencer. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

Still, headlines about her body such as “Octavia Spencer: I Want to Lose ‘Another 15 Pounds’ ” and “Octavia Spencer: My Weight Is ‘Not Healthy’ ” were up the day after her SAG win.

Even in a recent interview with fellow fantastic person Ellen DeGeneres, Spencer’s body was the punchline to a joke. She said she wore three sets of Spanx — which are basically a modern girdle — to the SAGs. “I could not party that night because I was being pinched in places I didn’t know it was possible,” she said, while the audience laughed. Spencer said she and fellow Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy commiserated over wearing the undergarment.

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With her body — instead of her performance — making headlines, the actress took to her Facebook page this week to talk about the “weight obsessed media” and how she won’t put up with it anymore.

After being escorted to the press room after her SAG win, Spencer writes that she was asked by E!’s Ted Casablanca about her thoughts on “underweight actresses.” (The resulting article can be seen here.)

“Then I started thinking, would these questions ever be asked of my male counterparts? Better yet, underweight actors or actresses?” Spencer writes. “Nah, I don't think so!”

“Of course I was miffed that not only was I being misrepresented, but it was sending THE WRONG MESSAGE to kids out there,” she continues. “So, I decided to tell you IN MY OWN [expletive] WORDS the truth! First of all, Ladies and Gents  here's what i am NOT DOING....I am NOT WORRYING ABOUT MY WEIGHT!  I AM NOT TRYING TO CONFORM TO an unrealistic model of beauty.”

Spencer goes on to say that she is taking steps to be “the healthiest I can be. And before you ask, NO, awards season is not the reason.”

“Here's what I will leave you with: Be happy in your own skin. If you are unhealthy start by making small changes to become healthier,” she writes. “You are unique, beautiful, and worthy. Last but certainly not least, don't buy into any of it.”

If Spencer wins the Oscar — and she probably will — do you think reporters will be able to keep the conversation to her performance? Or will her message fall on deaf ears? Tell us in the comments.