Just when you thought Octomom Nadya Suleman’s 15 minutes were up, she appears on your television set from the D-list celebrity ether.

This time, Suleman brought her 2-year-old octuplets, plus one of her older children, to the “Today” show to talk about how she raises all 14 kids.

While most don’t want to hear from Suleman — who was not paid for the appearance — this particular interview is worth watching just to see her kids raise terror on the set.

As the interview got underway, a blond octuplet tried to escape through the window, while another made his way to Natalie Morales’s desk. Her older child had to chase two that made a run for a hot light. Even Ann Curry and David Gregory got into the chasing-children act.

Besides trying to wrangle her children, Suleman addressed In Touch magazine’s report that she said, “I hate the babies, they disgust me.” She told Curry she never said that, and considered suing for slander.

Watch the segment, and be grateful this is not your life, below:

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