Miley Cyrus cut her hair and dyed it platinum blond a few weeks ago, a fact we all learned on Twitter.

But during the MTV Video Music Awards, she rocked a high-profile red carpet for the first time with the new ‘do. And she wore that ‘do teased up ultra-high, like so:.


It naturally generated a variety of tweet-pinions, which fit into one of three camps.

This camp:

did y’all see miley cyrus ? OH MY GOD, that hair cut gave her so much life, she looks amazing.

— jessica. (@robyn__banks) September 6, 2012

This one:

Miley Cyrus looks like Butters from South Park.

— She Ratchet™ (@SheeeRatchet) September 7, 2012

Or this one:

Retweet if you think Miley Cyrus and Pink look the same now.

— Will (@WillyFerrell) September 7, 2012

Really camp three was the most popular, as many other non-Will Ferrells also noted that Cyrus and Pink are both rocking the Brigitte Nielsen look tonight. Personally, I dig it. On both of them.

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