After this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” one thing is abundantly clear: Zach Galifianakis should do the opening monologue every week, even when he isn’t hosting. His non-stop non-sequiturs and his bold, underwear-flashing, lipsynching performance of “Tomorrow” (something he’s done onstage before) made pretty much every other host look like an amateur.

The cold-open sketch — an attempt to turn college-basketball March Madness nto a bracket-based competition between various public lunatics — also had its funny moments, particularly when the “Hollywood” portion of the bracket was covered. Look, I agree that Charlie Sheen should be a No. 1 seed. And I’m all for a play-in game between Melissa Leo and Courtney Love. But should’t the entire “Celebrity Apprentice” cast get a collective four-seed, at least? Missed opportunity for NBC cross-promotion, SNL. Missed opportunity.