Following the teen-pop-star-with-a-perfume path carved out by Justin Bieber, One Direction is getting its own fragrance.

If you’re lucky, you could smell like one or all of these fine gentlemen. (Charles Sykes/INVISION FOR HASBRO)

Women’s Wear Daily reports that the boy band’s female-targeted scent — Celebritology-proposed name: That’s What Makes You Smell Beautiful — will be released next fall. Which seems like kind of a long time to continue living without smelling like Niall or Zayn. Hopefully the band’s popularity and musk-potential will not wane before then, especially since they also have a movie coming out around the same time. (Imagine: you could go see a movie about One Direction while smelling like One Direction.)

Actually, it’s unclear exactly what the One Direction perfume will smell like, which is fine since — per an interview earlier this year with David Letterman — Justin Bieber still has no idea what the second of his two branded perfumes, Girlfriend, smells like. Best guess, though: One Direction the Fragrance will emit hints of salty British Isle air, teen heartthrob pheromones, lavender (to be girly) and lots and lots of hair gel.