If you’re a lucky Oscar winner, the speech-making clock starts to tick as soon as you’ve recovered from hearing your name.

View Photo Gallery: Nominations were released Tuesday, “The Descendants” receiving five.

Winners have about 60 seconds to accept a minor award and two minutes to give thanks for a major one, then the conductor starts to wave his baton. So what should a major movie star say in such a high-pressure situation?

Surely Celebritology readers have some ideas.

After all, in the era of crowdsourcing and social media, there’s no need for a winner to ramble incoherently, forget to thank a spouse or stumble through a lame joke.

So what should George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep or Rooney Mara say if they get to wave the little golden man come Feb. 26, the night of the Academy Awards ceremony? Whom should Melissa McCarthy, Christopher Plummer or Woody Allen remember to thank?

We want your suggestions. Share them on Twitter: Tweet #idliketothank or include them in the comments below.


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