Pamela Anderson, dressed (coincidentally) in a virginal white ensemble. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

Yes, Anderson — sex tape legend and rocker of “Baywatch” swimsuits — will indeed play the mother of the baby Jesus in an upcoming Christmas special.

Before you consult your Bible to determine whether you grossly misread the description of the Virgin Mary, take note of one important detail, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter: Anderson will play the role in a comedy sketch on the Canadian TV show “A Russell Peters Christmas Special.” The tongue-in-cheek re-creation of the Nativity scene will air as part of the show, to be broadcast up north on CTV and the Comedy Network.

Never heard of Russell Peters, the Indo-Canadian comedian? Well, neither have many Americans, which is probably why he smartly recruited Anderson to play the Virgin Mary. But don’t think for a moment that she’s the only high-profile guest star on the show. Michael Buble and Ted Lange, a.k.a. Isaac from “The Love Boat,” will also make appearances.

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