A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Paris Hilton: so sorry and so upset. (Evan Agostini/EVAN AGOSTINI /INVISION/AP)

Hey, remember Paris Hilton? Look, she’s making headlines again. She has issued an apology to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation after she was recorded saying some offensive things about gay people in a New York taxi cab. Specifically, she said that “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.” She made the comments to a gay friend while he showed her an iPhone app that helps gay men find potential sexual partners. “I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain to my gay friends, fans and their families,” Hilton said in her statement to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance. “Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know.” For the record, her rep says she was commenting on the dangers of unprotected sex, not about gays more generally. Now that this is all cleared up, can we go back to our regularly scheduled program of not reading very frequently about Paris Hilton anymore?(CNN; New York Daily News)

In a new interview with the BBC, John Travolta admits that he considered leaving acting altogether after his son Jett died in 2009. “I’d even thought of retiring at one point,” he says, “because it felt like too much.” He also talks about the lack of celebrity privacy in the context of the Kate Middleton photo controversy: “It’s probably the worst time to be famous in the history of fame.”(BBC)

Here is the surveillance video of Lindsay Lohan allegedly grazing that guy earlier this week with her Porsche, an incident that led to her arrest. It does not appear to be that big of a deal and the purported victim does head down the ramp behind the car after it happened. “Much ado about nothing," per Lohan’s rep, sounds about right. (Vulture)

Oh, and here’s another exciting video involving Lohan. This one is a preview for the Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick,” in which she famously plays Elizabeth Taylor . One of the comments on the YouTube clip sums it up nicely: “This looks awful, I can’t wait!” (YouTube)

Do you know how much marijuana and hashish Fiona Apple allegedly had in her possession when she was arrested Wednesday in Sierra Blanca, Tex.? About four grams of each. Even a spokesman for the Hudspeth County sheriff’s office characterized it as “a little tiny amount.” Apple was released on bail Thursday, but her show in Austin that night had to be postponed. (The Associated Press cited a sheriff’s department release saying that Apple had acknowledged that the drugs belonged to her.) (Associated Press; Fiona Apple’s facebook page)

Lisa Whelchel , Blair Warner of the “Facts of Life” and now a contestant on “Survivor: Philippines,” has revealed that she and Steve Cauble, her husband of 24 years, are now divorced. The world really does never seem to be living up to our dreams. (People)

J.K. Rowling’s Edinburgh house is on the market. If you have £2.25 million, the equivalent of $3.7 million, it can be yours. (BBC)

Tom Cruise partied with Tara Reid earlier this week. All right, maybe not with but certainly at the same London nightclub where she was hanging out. That fact justifies the writing of the previous sentence, which is one of the best celebrity sentences in the English language, next to “Tom Cruise and Tara Reid got married.” Which they didn’t and won’t ever do but ... oh, the mind reels. (E! Online)