(Courtesy of NBC)

Based on the premiere of season four, which aired Thursday night, that pre-established pattern has not changed. Here are the five things we learned from Ron Swanson and co. during this week’s installment of “Parks and Rec.”

Keep a backpack of provisions stowed in an office ventilation shaft. You never know when you may have to bolt from the premises because your first ex-spouse — who happens to have the same name as your second ex-spouse — is trying to hunt you down. Thank you, Ron Swanson, for reminding us how important this is.

The very best business cards feature black lettering on a black background. “Black print. Black background. It’s the coolest possible color scheme.” As always, Tom Haverford is 100-percent correct. The good people at Entertainment 720 — and by that I mean Tom and Jean Ralphio — know that readability is overrated.

“If you’ve got a nice drain pipe, there’s no reason to hide it.” It’s an old sewage department saying. And it’s also absolutely true.

If you pull an Anthony Weiner by sending pictures of your private parts via e-mail, it could lead to sound medical advice. But only if you send those picture to eagle-eyed nurse Ann Perkins, who might be able to determine whether you have a hernia or the mumps.

Running for public office may mean you have to break up with your boyfriend. At least that’s how it happened for Leslie Knope. For most politicians, the break-up follows the scandal that happened after getting elected. But Knope always does things her way. Although, despite their agreement that the relationship had to end, I suspect we haven’t seen the last of Ben and Leslie in love.

What did you think of the “Parks and Rec” season premiere? Do you think it officially cemented its status as NBC’s funniest Thursday night comedy? Because, for the record, I do.