Patrice O'Neal. (Paul Hawthorne/GETTY IMAGES)

Just a day after going on sale, “Mr. P,” a collection of 17 tracks recorded in D.C. last April, is one of the best selling albums on iTunes, where it’s been in the top 10, and Amazon.

Writing for the Boston Globe, Nick A. Zaino III said the album is “a good showcase for who he was as a comic - explosively funny, disconcerting, and charismatic.” David Haglund of Slate, which is also owned by the Washington Post Company, praised O’Neal’s ability to make his audience lower this guard: “And so, once he’s ready, he can start talking about his life, often without even really telling jokes, and absolutely kill.”

O’Neal’s untimely death caused an outpouring of tributes from his friends, fellow comics and fans. In the liner notes of “Mr. P” (found via the Montreal Gazette), comedian Colin Quinn writes, “If you want to understand what comedy is supposed to sound like, you have to listen to this. ... Contentious and antagonistic, he wants you to feel what he feels — the absurdity of the world. Patrice was pure comedian.”

Rolling Stone subscribers can also read a tribute to O’Neal in the magazine’s latest issue. A NSFW excerpt from the “Mr. P” can be heard on O’Neal’s official Web site.