Paul Rudd, teaming up with Errol Morris. (GUS RUELAS)

Paul Rudd has signed on to star in an upcoming feature film that will be directed by noted documentarian Errol Morris. Rudd’s role? He’ll play a man who freezes people.

Specifically, Rudd will play Bob Nelson, a California TV repairman-turned-cryonics-enthusiast who decides to pursue his obsession: the freezing of humans for the purpose of future resurrection. John DeFore, a journalist who frequently contributes to the Washington Post, confirmed Rudd’s casting with Morris while interviewing the filmmaker for a Post story on his upcoming documentary, “Tabloid.” DeFore shared said scoop with Celebritology.

The still-untitled film, the first major feature from the Academy Award-winning Morris (“The Thin Blue Line,” “The Fog of War”), is based on a “This American Life” story from 2008 that focused on Nelson, who once wrote a book called “We Froze the First Man.”

The New York Observer already reported that Morris is collaborating with “This American Life” host Ira Glass on the film, which reportedly will be written by Zach Helm of “Stranger Than Fiction” fame.

That Rudd will star is news, though. Given the unusual nature of the story, it sounds like an ideal vehicle for Rudd to play quirky to both comedic and dramatic effect.