Actress Paz de la Huerta walks with her attorney Jamel Oeser-Sweat into the Manhattan Criminal Courts building on Thursday. (CRAIG RUTTLE/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Paz del la Huerta, who plays Steve Buscemi’s usually nude girlfriend on the Emmy-nominated “Boardwalk Empire,” was set to plead guilty to harassment Thursday for threatening to hit an MTV reality actor in March. But reports that the actress’s deal has been postponed for two weeks so the judge can “get more details on De la Huerta's proposed alcohol treatment program.” After she is able to plead, she will serve community service and pay a fine, according to the Associated Press.

In other celebrity legal news, Foxy Brown is planning to sue New York City for $100 million over a thrown-out charge that the rapper mooned her neighbor, the New York Post reports. “Do we want our tax dollars going for this?” Brown’s lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, asked the NY Post. I think I can firmly say, “No. I do not.”