Th annual Washington Post Peeps diorama contest, in which this fine newspaper encourages its readers to play with marshmallow confections in the hope of winning public acclaim, already has a winner for this, its sixth year. Perhaps not surprisingly, a detailed, sugary depiction of the Occupy DC Movement — dubbed “OccuPeep D.C.” — took top honors in the heated competition, which yielded 755 entries.

This diorama, “May the Peeps Be Ever in Your Favor,” was created by Emma, Meghan and Susan Ward and Tashi Poe, all of Vienna, Va. (FAMILY PHOTO)

As usual, many of those entries drew their inspiration from pop culture, ripping familiar scenes from well-known movies and TV shows and Peep-ifying them. There were quite a few “Hunger Peeps” as well as an overwhelming number of “Peepton Abbeys.” We’ve assembled some of the best movie-related dioramas in a photo gallery below, and I’ve also posted photos from some of my favorite TV-riffing entries beneath the gallery. Peruse them, then start planning your “Dark Peep Rises” or “Peeps and Recreation” exhibits for next year.

First, here’s the gallery of film-inspired Peeps dioramas. Yes, there’s a “Peepist” and a “Bridespeeps.” But my personal favorites may be “The Usual Suspeeps”and “Soylent Green is Made Out of Peep-ple!.”

View Photo Gallery: Famous film scenes get a marshmallow makeover with these entries to the sixth annual Washington Post Peeps Contest.

Now we move on to TV.

I’ve highlighted two of the “Downton Peeps” submissions (there were far to many to include them all), the first because it purports to show Thomas and O’Brien tripping Mr. Bates.

Submitted by Anne Starkweather, Leanne Sedowski, William Girardo and Chad Chapule

I liked the scale of this one, and the fact that some of the “Downton” Peeps have the show’s ubiquitous letters affixed to their artificially flavored bodies.

Submitted by Catlin Kaprove

This Peeps version of “L.A. Ink” — title: “Kat Von Peep’s High Voltage Tattoos” — made Peeps look super-dangerous.

Submitted by Shannon, Helen and Trish Vaughn

I thought “Peeper Bowl LXVI Starring: Peepdonna!” captured great details from this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, including a blurred-out version of MIA’s middle finger. (In this context, do we call that flipping the peep?)

Submitted by LeAnn Opsahl and Kiersten Lemke

Someone had to recreate the big Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding and name the resulting diorama “Peeping Up With the Kardashians.” And someone did. Look at the expression on the Peep-Kim Kardashian’s face. You can tell she’s soooo not into this.

Submitted by Carolyn Polinsky and Emily Dunne

Take some Peeps, give them Tic-Tac eyes and use some Twizzlers to represent intestines and what do you get? “Walking Peeps: Save the Last One,” a reenactment of the “Walking Dead” scene in which Shane leaves Otis to the zombies.

Submitted by Loren Sciurba

At some point, someone had to do a “Twin Peeps” diorama. This submitter chose to recreate the dream sequence from “Twin Peaks.” Maybe next year, someone can handle a key scene from the pilot: “She’s dead — wrapped in Peep-tic.”

Submitted by Holly and Jeremy Koppel and Aron Green