Michael Emerson and James Caviezel in “Person of Interest.” (JEFFREY R. STAAB/CBS)

Television is now entering its second season without “Lost,” but reminders of the ABC drama about plane crashes, smoke monsters and cursed lottery numbers linger. (You know, like all those questions we still wish the series finale had managed to answer.)

The lineup for the 2011-12 season leads over and over again to “Lost” alumni: You can find them either starring in new series, producing one (or two) shows or joining the casts of returning programs.

Because we no longer have to create complicated flow charts to keep track of “Lost’s” tangle of narrative threads — although, for the record, such behavior is still encouraged by this blog — let’s track “Lost” veterans this TV season now that they’re off the island:

Ringer” — airing Tuesdays on the CW

(The CW)

“Lost” veteran: Nestor Carbonell, who made an impression on “Lost” fans as the ageless Richard Alpert.

Role on new show: His luscious eyelashes will again be on full display as Victor Machado, an FBI agent determined to protect Bridget, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who assumes the life of her wealthy twin.

“Hawaii Five-O” — returning for its second season Sept. 19 on CBS

“Lost” veterans: In addition to cast regular Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin Kwon on “Lost,” Terry O’Quinn, aka John Locke and, later, the personification of the Smoke Monster, will become a recurring character this season.

Role on show: O’Quinn will play a no-nonsense former Navy SEAL. Presumably, like Locke, he’ll strongly believe in the phrase “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

“Person of Interest” — debuting Sept. 22 on CBS


“Lost” veterans: Michael Emerson, who played Machiavellian villain Benjamin Linus; J.J. Abrams, the uber-producer, filmmaker and co-creator of “Lost”; and Bryan Burk, “Lost” producer and frequent Abrams collaborator.

Roles on new show: Emerson stars as the mysterious billionaire Mr. Finch who, in the wake of Sept. 11, creates a computer system capable of tracking crimes before they occur. Abrams and Burk are executive producers.

“Once Upon a Time” — debuting Oct. 23 on ABC

(Jack Rowand/ABC)

“Lost” veterans: Writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz; “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof; and Alan Dale, who played the mysterious, seemingly evil mogul Charles Widmore.

Roles on new show: Kitsis and Horowitz co-created this series about fairy-tale characters whose existence bleeds into the real world; Lindelof acted as a consultant and producer; Dale plays the father of Prince Charming. Reportedly the show is full of “Lost” Easter eggs, too, so keep an eye out for references to Oceanic Flight 815.

“Death Valley” — airing Mondays on MTV

“Lost” veteran: Tania Raymonde, who played Alex Rousseau, the rebellious adopted daughter of Benjamin Linus.

Role on show: Carla Rinaldi, an officer on the LAPD’s Undead Task Force. Yes, Alex Rousseau now apprehends zombies and vampires.

“Alcatraz” — unscheduled but airing midseason on Fox

“Lost” veterans: Elizabeth Sarnoff, former producer and writer; Abrams and Burk; Jack Bender, director of multiple “Lost” episodes; and Jorge Garcia, who played the lottery number-obsessed Hugo “Hurley” Reyes.

Roles on new show: Sarnoff co-created and, along with Abrams, Burk and Bender, is an executive producer of this series about past Alcatraz prisoners who mysteriously appear in the present. Garcia co-stars as a scholar of Alcatraz Island history.

“Scandal” — unscheduled but airing midseason on ABC

“Lost” veteran: Henry Ian Cusick, otherwise known as the time-traveling Desmond Hume.

Role on new show: The actor best known for being Penny Widmore’s constant will play a litigator at a Washington, D.C., law firm devoted to cleaning up political messes.