Peter Dinklage (Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press)

To thank their children (Michelle Williams), themselves (Madonna) and their agent/God, Harvey Weinstein (Meryl Streep.) To clue the audience in to the obvious fact that they are French (“The Artist’s” Ludovic Bource and Jean Dujardin.)

Peter Dinklage, who won a supporting actor Globe for his role on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” used his speech to bring one man’s struggle to the attention of millions.

“I want to mention a gentleman I’m thinking about in England,” Dinklage said as music began to play him out. “His name is Martin Henderson. Google him.”

A lot of people did.

Martin Henderson is a 37-year-old aspiring actor who was thrown to the ground by an assailant outside a bar in England, according to the Daily Telegraph. The assault, allegedly inspired by a “dwarf tossing” competition, left Henderson with a fractured arm and issues with standing, he told the Telegraph. He may be permanently confined to a wheelchair.

Both Dinklage and Henderson were born with achondroplasia, a disorder that causes dwarfism.

After Dinklage’s speech, Henderson’s name became a trending topic on Twitter, according to ABC News. He told British network ITV (via Metro U.K.) Dinklage’s speech was “a very, very good thing,” although he had never heard of the actor before.

I’m sure he’ll remember him now.